Video Content Dominating The Advertising Industry

The major trend that is followed in advertising industry now-a-days is Video Ads. It is the easiest way when it comes to reach maximum audience in shorter time period. Video ads develop a different connection with your viewers.

Audience has already started consuming video ads and with this it is clear enough that neither do they have such long-time span and nor the patience to read the long texts. Thus, it has become the trend that if you want your customers attention to your product/service you need to make Video content as your advertising method. Connecting to the consumers through visual content is the basis of the relation formed between them and your brand.

Whether it is in the form of educational content, graphs, news or reports, companies have got the result that video content in any form is the best way to engage the maximum people and at a substantial level.

Snapchat is one of the leading platforms with its feature of video streaming stories which later Instagram introduced the similar feature of video streaming and posting which proved successful.

In 2019, YouTube also reported that over more than 2 billion users logged in every month and more than 1 billion hours of video being watched by the users every day.

Video content is dominating the advertising industry and can be observed in several aspects.The statistics are also as the marketers who use video content are like to generate revenue 49% faster than that with non-video marketers.

The boom in Digital Video Advertising:

Video Advertising is a technique or a strategy that can prove successful for any type of business may it be B2B, B2C.

Video advertising is a powerful strategy as it connects with the viewers and give them the virtual experience and also learning in some cases onto how the product works or how it will be via video.This in turn creates a place in the customers mind and which leads to the conversion rate increase with the help of video advertising.

Short Videos:

One thing that the companies are applying these days is uploading the short videos which means short span and big impact.Short videos are thus the one which gives limited information in that short span of time which generates the attention of the viewer to dig more into the content writing and page of the company.

This means the video should be short and containing data in such manner that it grabs attention and creates excitement for the viewer to read the content related to the video in detail.This visual content delivers more value as it fits more accurately in the mind of the viewer and thus setting the brand image.

Also the most important thing to keep in mind is that the short videos should be made in such a manner that it should bring impact even in the absence of sound as most of the people browse even in the silent mode so keeping this in mind the video must be created and uploaded.

Social Media and Video Ads:

Video Ads proved to be dominant in the advertising industry and when it comes with social media it proves to be a perfect match as made for one another.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are all filled with Video and this should be created and posted in a non-interfering way such that the user if needed watches the whole video ad and thus increasing the conversion rate.


Video is how we connect with friends and events, how we take the news and entertainment and very importantly video is how we are going to decide what we are going to buy. So, for marketers it is important to create innovative strategies which includes short videos and outstream videos which gives them the flexibility with videos.

This is the generation of visual content and using them at certain stages of Marketing and Advertising will help keep the customer journey smoother and shorter.

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