IPL vs NFL: A Brand Battle

Sports is one of the most popular forms of entertainment for television viewers. 

What’s more astonishing is how sports can generate such a large market for branding and promotions! 

Sports and sports fans are becoming a wonderland for marketers with each passing year. So, in this round of Battle of the Companies, we decided to set two national-level sporting brands against one another. 

This time it’s IPL vs NFL. The two most prestigious national sporting events in the world’s two most powerful democracies! 



The BCCI launched the Indian Premier League in 2008. It is a professional cricket competition in India that takes place in the Twenty20 format throughout the months of March and April each year. 

The mastermind behind IPL is reported to be the BCCI Vice President. 

With each season, the IPL became the most popular cricket league in the world, and in 2014, it was ranked sixth among all sporting events in terms of average attendance. 


The National Football League is a considerably older league. It is the grandfather of national leagues, having been founded in 1920. 

The National Football Conference (NFL) and the American Football Conference (AFC) each have 32 teams (AFC). 

With pre-seasons, regular seasons, playoffs, and the Super Bowl, the NFL has become a consistent meal for Americans throughout the years. 

Marketing Techniques 


IPL established a new set of business concepts in the Indian international market. IPL has become a recognised event in India, with Bollywood, political, and commercial tycoons joining the event. 

In a unique way, the IPL has corporatized cricket. It has given the sport in India a new commercial and branding dimension. 

The fact that the teams are run by Bollywood celebrities or well-known corporate firms is one of the IPL’s main selling points. 

Everyone has a stake in their individual teams, from Shah Rukh Khan to Sachin Tendulkar, the Ambanis, Preity Zinta, Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra, and Karan Paul. 

Aside from that, every tinsel town celebrity is in attendance, including Hrithik Roshan, Amitabh Bacchan, Abhishek Bachhan, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Ranveer Singh, and many more. 

IPL advertising campaigns are massive. 

IPL has teamed up with major brands like TATA ,Amazon, Vodafone, Parle, Jio, Cadbury, Vivo & others. 

The Vodafone Zoo Zoo is one of the most well-known and long-running IPL advertising efforts. 

Another one-of-a-kind advertisement for IPL was Cadbury’s “Subh Arambh.” 

The advertisement was created for the Indian holiday and for those who have begun a new endeavor in their lives. 

IPL chose online marketing over TV commercials. The IPL’s tie-up with Google for live streaming IPL matches through Youtube, a million-dollar deal that benefited both parties, was one of the league’s key initiatives. 

The IPL has also partnered with PVR cinemas to broadcast live IPL matches in theatres. 


NFL has established a timeless brand identity with its innovative marketing over the years. 

Consistent content distribution across many channels is one of the NFL’s biggest triumphs that can be applied to any strategy. 

The NFL bills itself as the “leading sports and entertainment brand that unites people socially and emotionally like no other.” 

Their branding can be found on social media, in tales about their admirers, and in social initiatives, among other places. Everyone develops their own brand identity. 

The NFL forms generous ties with businesses. It has an 8-year partnership with Nike in 2018! 

Pizza Hut, Anheuser-Busch, and Gatorade are among the brand’s well-known sponsors. 

It frequently collaborates with local businesses or small influencers to promote their brands through prizes, events, and activities. 

What about the commercials? 

Particularly for Super Bowls. From Cindy Crawford’s classic Pepsi commercial in 1992 to Google’s Parisian Love in 2010, the Super Bowl has given us some of the most memorable commercials of all time. 

Which has had the largest impact in recent years? Airbnb’s Super Bowl commercial in 2017 included the “We Accept” ad campaign. 

The NFL has a devoted fan base. These aren’t just customers; they’re die-hard NFL fanatics who live and breathe the game. 

The NFL gave away 500 Super Bowl tickets to its die-hard football fans in 2017. The NFL believes in keeping fans engaged through giveaways, initiatives, and promotions. 

Revenue & Growth 


According to Wikipedia, the IPL was valued at $4.16 billion in 2022 and $6.13 billion in 2021. 

The title sponsors pay roughly 200 crores for five years of IPL rights. 

Teams in the IPL are purchased through a bidding process. To be a part of the team, each player is compensated handsomely. 

The Mumbai Indians, for example, were worth $112.9 million! 

IPL had a cumulative reach of 302.8 million people aged 2 and above over 10 channels in the entire Indian market, including both urban and rural homes. 

The IPL provided a $7.2 million prize pool, with the winning team taking home $2.9 million. 


The NFL is a business empire. 

Revenues increased from $231 million in 2008 to $302 million in 2010, according to Star. 

Each team will receive $255 million per year from the league’s television contract starting in 2021! 

According to Touchdown Wire, the NFL distributed $ 8.78 billion in revenue to its clubs from last year’s earnings. 

Revenues are expected to reach $ 25 billion by 2027! 

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