Website design trends : 2020

Web designs are evolving and changing constantly. We have seen web designers play and experiment using different designs and techniques. While there some designs that are so popular and effective that they don’t just go away. So, will be learning about few of the design trends that one should consider while designing their website.

1) Text-only head part:

The part of the website that that loads up first when you open a website is becoming important day by day. We have seen designers use Text-only designs in this part of the area. The ‘only-text on image’ is becoming popular increasingly. What has happened because of this design is that designers do not keep any image in the background and let typography work its magic. The below image is a good example of how typography works great in the hero are of the website.

2) Illustrations:

Illustrations have been in use for a lot of time now and they will continue to be in use because of its effectiveness. There is a custom of using, well-executed, custom, systematic and detailed illustrations and this continue to grow in the near future. Websites such as and are good examples of illustration-based design.

Combining illustrations with animations has been a good option that helped in gaining much more attention. This has been a great secondary tool to the normal text only designing.

3) Retro typography and colouring:

People are now becoming more and more nostalgic and hence the designs are also shifting towards retro styling. This is actually influenced by events that happen around such as sports functions, television, magazines, etc especially if it’s a throwback to the pre-digital era. Nowadays designers are taking that nostalgic bit and are mixing it with the modern design. This gives a very unique look to the website. and are good examples of such type of styling and people tend to like such website a lot.

4) Black and White:

Black and White or as many say “Monochromatic” has come back in trend and will continue to be in trend. There are many websites have no colours at all and are staying with black and white only. Designers are adopting this style as it helps in the making the website look clean, simple and crisp. This makes the user experience smoother.

Following website is a good example of how black and white can be used effectively.

5) Outlined Typography:

Typography has been in trends for quite some time now and one new trend emerging from it has been outlined typography. Designers are now aggressively making use of this design as more and more people have started to like this type of design. With more and more font styles coming in, the scope of using this design is increasing and created new ways to grab the attention of the visitors of the website.

Below we can see Alphaputt making effective use of outlined typography.

6) Huge Fonts:

As discussed earlier, typography has been in trends for quite some time now and another trend emerging from it is Big-Font typography. This type of designing can be read across the room. Website make ample use of this design and it has been seen that these fonts sometimes cover more than half the area of the home size. Some sites use it to cover the whole area of the home page. Below you can see few examples of the Huge Fonts used by web designers.

7) Geometric patterns, shapes and sizes:

Organic and fluid shapes and sizes have been trending and so have the geometric sizes and shapes! Lines, figures, etc have started to make a comeback in the web designing as they relate directly to the customers. Designers have started to design business and brand logos based on geometric shapes and then web designers use these geometric shapes for inspiration and then design the website accordingly. Animated geometric shapes have also managed to grab attention of the users.

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