How Swiggy & Instagram Unexpectedly Boosted Businesses?

Tired of Marketplace Hassles? Thrive with Swiggy Minis and Instagram!

Are you a passionate entrepreneur struggling to make your mark online?  Do high commissions and limited control on marketplaces leave you feeling frustrated?  If so, Swiggy Minis and Instagram offer a powerful solution to take your business to the next level.

Meet Ria, Karan, and Priya. They are three young entrepreneurs who have one thing in common: they are passionate about their products and services. Ria makes healthy granola bars in Bangalore, Karan makes quirky stationery in Delhi, and Priya paints custom portraits in Chennai. They have been selling their products and services online for a while, but they were not happy with the results. They faced many challenges such as creating a website, reaching and retaining customers, standing out from the crowd, handling payment and delivery hassles, and giving away a large portion of their earnings to intermediaries and platforms. They felt like they had no control over their online businesses and no bond with their customers.


They’re on Minis on Swiggy. They own their journeys. They don’t pay ANY commissions!

And they’re thriving!

Home entrepreneurs and small businesses use social platforms to market their products like never before. Indian D2C is also booming with affordable brands. Consumers have many choices to shop online.

But online selling has many challenges. Sellers on marketplaces pay high commissions, spend a lot on marketing, and don’t know their customers. Selling directly to consumers has low conversions and high operations.

Enter: Minis on Swiggy.

Sell on your terms, thrive on your own.

Swiggy Minis is a new feature that allows sellers to create their own mini store on Swiggy and offer their products or services to millions of customers. You can sell anything from food, beverages, personal care, pet care, jewellery, home and decor, beauty, apparel, electronics, and more. You can also offer services like tutoring, coaching, consulting, and more.

Sellers are able to set up their online store in three simple steps and manage the catalog, orders, payments, and logistics easily by paying zero commissions and fulfilled services from partners of their choice. They can get access to customer data and a chat feature that allow to interact with users and offer customizations. They can receive live feedback on their products through a rating and review system. They are also benefited from Swiggy’s platform and network that helped them with digital marketing and website designing tools and strategies, also be able to build a strong bond with the customers by using social media, SEO, email marketing, and website design to showcase the products and services, engage with the audience, and drive traffic to the website. And will be able to stand out from the competition and increase the conversions and sales.

Level Up Your Sales: The Ultimate Guide to Swiggy Minis and Instagram Collaboration.

The collaboration of Swiggy Minis and Instagram is a marketing strategy that aims to help sellers and buyers discover and shop from a variety of categories on Swiggy Minis. Swiggy Minis is a new feature that allows sellers to sell anything across India without any hassle. You can create your own mini store on Swiggy and offer your products or services to millions of customers.

Some of the benefits of collaboration for seller and buyer are:

For sellers, it can increase their exposure and reach to new and existing customers, enhance their reputation and credibility, create a unique and differentiated value proposition, and generate more sales and revenue without paying any commissions to Swiggy.

For buyers, it can help them discover and shop from local and small businesses, enjoy their unique and quality products or services, chat with the sellers and request for customizations or clarifications, rate and review the products and provide feedback, and avail of free or low-cost delivery options from Swiggy or other partners.

Some of the uses of digital marketing and website design for the collaboration are:

Some of the limitations solved by Minis of Swiggy for sellers are:

Join the Movement: Empower Your Business

In conclusion, Swiggy Minis empowers passionate entrepreneurs like Ria, Karan, and Priya to break free from the limitations of traditional online platforms. Unlike other marketplaces that drain profits with commissions and restrict control, Swiggy Minis offers a refreshing alternative. Here, you set the rules, keep 100% of your earnings, and connect directly with your customers.

Swiggy Minis simplifies operations with user-friendly tools, provides valuable customer insights, and empowers you to build a strong brand identity. Don’t just sell online, thrive online with Swiggy Minis.  Sign up today and experience the freedom, control, and potential for success that awaits you.

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