How SEO helps to increase the website ranking?


Search engine optimization is a rule or a standard to improve your search engine ranking and help you to optimize your website for search engine.

So by this tool your website traffic gets increased which in turn increase the chances of getting viewed by your potential customers. Surveys show that in 2019 SEO would not just mean adding key words to a website because various companies are conducting researches to find out various methods to enhance search results by applying SEO.

Creating our SEO strategies

  • Identify your target market

SEO mainly focuses on your ranking and your website traffic. But SEO also focuses on attracting high value customers. So demographically we can search, how are they performing web search? Where are they located?

So to start with SEO we have to know about our target audience and for this you can take help of Google analytics. So at the end, your investment will not go in a wrong direction.

· What your customers searching for?

You should focus on what your target customer want. When we know about what customer want we can add relevant data, you will attract your customer by adding these kinds of relevant data on your website. When customers share their feedback, you will be able to attract more customers by modifying your content.

· Search on mobile device

You know how frequent your customers use their mobile phones and purchase your services and products by mobile marketing. So you have to focus on search engines optimization for mobile phones. How to increase your mobile phone’s search engine ranking?

So use some testing tools to make your websites better for mobile phones.

What are the main functions of SEO?

  • Research for keywords
  • Your website reviews
  • Bypass your competitors
  • Brand awareness

Research for keywords

You can find keywords according to current Trends and according to your customer’s likings or reviews. So SEO will help you to search periodical information about these keywords. Keywords will help you to promote your site or attract customers by top search rankings.

Your website reviews

You must monitor your website for new content periodically or monthly. It would help in attracting traffic since customers will always have something new to read or see. So, it is important to identify better content for your website consistently.

 Bypass your competitors

There is a difference between optimized and in non – optimized web sites, organized websites can attract more customers as compare to non organized websites. So if your competitors are not using SEO for organized their website and you are doing so, then you are far ahead from your competitors.

Brand awareness

When you are on top in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and in Bing, your customers trust your brand. When your site appears on the first page, more and more customers will buy your products and services, and engage with your company. So SEO is important for small businesses to built brand awareness.

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