“How can Instagram help you boost up your small businesses?

You’ve seen the power of Instagram, haven’t you? The platform offers many features that are helpful for small businesses, leveling the playing field between small and large businesses. Brand use of social media is an old practice, so in this article, you will receive a lot of information on how to do it effectively.

In this article, we decipher how Instagram is used for your small business, from using the features of the platform to concrete ideas on how to increase your business online and increase your customer base.

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With proper management of your Instagram account, businesses can reap a number of benefits from using the platform. If you are using the platform as a marketing & advertising outlet, you need a documented Instagram marketing strategy. Yeah, even if you were the only one running the account. According to Instagram’s own study, a vast majority of users find Instagram helpful when researching products and services. You don’t want to miss out on potential customers because you’re not actively using the network.

  • Some ways you need to catch up on for growing your business on Instagram:

1. Set your profile:

Any business can succeed on Instagram, regardless of its size. If your clients are on Instagram, you can succeed on Instagram. An important reminder, Once you have an account with Instagram, it takes a moment to review your account. The features and settings on your computer and app change all the time, without warning. So it’s always good to be updated with your profile and upcoming new features.

Other important items to consider when preparing a business profile include updating the business categories, hours, location(s), contact information, and linking any service or product catalogs. Also, do check and make sure your profile elements, such as your bio and profile picture, match your general social media branding and provide more relevance to your future customers.

2. Mention your location:

 When you post on Instagram always try to add the location as it gives more visibility to your brand over the public online. What does geotagging do? Instagram saves all of the posts that have been tagged at that location, sorting them into the most recent and top posts.

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Your brand’s photos are visible among customer photos. The “View Information” link at the top of the page provides information about the tagged business. All of this helps your customers become more familiar with your business and makes it easier for them to find information about it, which increases the chances of visiting your brand’s page more.

3. Give captions to your posts:

Captions are the main content of your posts, whether be a video, reel, or a poster, your captions should define your post The caption is the first thing that catches people’s attention and decides whether they will read more.

In addition to paying attention to the first line, you should also check the rest of your caption. With the recent addition of keyword search, what you write in your Instagram caption is more important than ever.

Before, you could be coy or stylized with your words, but make sure you’re using words that you want others to associate you with. You could do some basic keyword research by looking at your brand and product names, or terms related to your business category.

4. Go through your profile analytics:

If you’re just starting out, you can explore your native insights on Instagram or Facebook. Instagram analytics helps you find out what is the engagement to your brand daily or weekly or monthly or yearly basis. It helps you in tracking down a number of comments, likes, visits, content interaction, shares, saves, hashtags interaction, etc to your posts which when summarised will help your brand know what things you need to carry out and keep in mind for your future posts which will a more engagement. 

You can also compare your Instagram analytics to your different social networks as well in order to keep a good record. You need to be familiar with different network-specific metrics in order to effectively measure your reach and impressions.

5. Interact with customers via messaging/DM:

 Building community is a slow process, but one of the ways to achieve that connection is by creating a relationship with your customers and engaging with them. What is the best way to do this task? By messaging each other directly.

Consumers strongly preferred social media as a channel for customer service. Customers are most likely to buy from brands that are responsive and timely in their communication with them. If you want to increase your DM usage, don’t only respond to messages. You should also actively engage with the customer on their own feed and stories.

6. Add links to your Bio:

Social media managers have found ways to take full advantage of Instagram’s single link field. It’s becoming common to use your “link in bio” to serve up a landing page with a mix of recent content and evergreen links to your most important product and service pages.

 If your business relies on links to increase traffic or has multiple products or services to offer, then a landing page may be the best approach for you. There are several ways to create a link on your bio landing page.

7.  Creative story Highlights:

The Instagram Stories Highlights feature lets you share even more about your business on Instagram. Highlights keep your Stories alive on your profile after they would normally disappear, and can help you collect those Stories into an easy source of evergreen content. Since they appear above your grid, start with the basics, eg:

About: A few articles about your values, work hours, and brand

Locations or highlights of each location: If you have multiple locations, discuss each location and share photos of them

Customer Comments or Posts: Repost from customer feed posts or create graphics that highlight comments from elsewhere

Product/service characteristics: To give a common one or one emphasis on the product or service. Some things just don’t fit into a post. This is where you can get more in-depth information.

Frequently Asked Questions: Sharing Customer InformationAlways request. This will help you respond more quickly to customers because you can focus on one or more key features for each product or service. Some topics are too complex to be covered in one post. This is where you can go into more detail about the different aspects of the project.

This list of Instagram marketing tips is a great place to start if you want to improve your business’ presence on the network. To improve your Instagram strategy, use Stories Highlights and messaging personally to connect with your customers.

These all things will help you engage your profile with future customers as well making your profile look more useful and creative. It’s in your hand to make your brand profile quite creative because people lookout for some fun-loving, eye-catching & creative stuff to get connected with which they enjoy watching and find useful too.

Using all these basic tips will definitely lead your small business to grow up online even though these are the basics setups that all the businesses follow.

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