Effective use of Facebook Analytics

To most of the people in the world, Facebook is one of the most helpful and omnipresent social media platforms to connect with family and friends and also to meet new people with whom they might share some or the other similarities. For organizations, Facebook is not only about maintaining the social connections, but it also enables organizations to connect to the target audience and get precious insights about the customer behaviour and about their interests and choices and what more can be done to learn about the potential customers to make them buy your service or product. The expected results are dependent upon acquiring the data that can be put into use. Luckily, Facebook is an expert in this kind of data and provides it to the organizations that are going to market on this particular social media platform. This is all a piece of Facebook Analytics.

Understanding Facebook Analytics

The expression ‘Analytics’ means using various techniques like stats, predictive modelling, maths, etc to find out meaningful pattern from raw data. In other words, it uncovers meaning in a chaos made up of random information. Facebook analytics goes through the data that is produced by the platform and uncovers meaningful patterns that can be implemented to marketing insights and action. In the instance of Facebook, the analytics are given free-of-cost by the tool called as ‘Facebook Insights’, this enables the user to measure defectiveness and the engagement of their Facebook pages and the marketing strategies.

According to your target’s lifestyle and age demographics, Facebook will play a vital part of an organization’s digital marketing strategy. Facebook has more than 1 billion active daily users, which still makes it the biggest social media platform in this world. Hence, massive amount of data is produced by both the software which track users and the users who use the platform. Hence it makes a very big data-set that can be used to provide valuable insights to the people who need it.

Engagement is Important

Facebook insight provides a very important feature without any charge is the engagement done by the post with the users. This is a very important metric to analyse digital marketing success. In this, engagement means the frequency at which the users are interacting with your posts. How many likes are generated, comments on posts, liking the comments, clicking on the link given on the post, number of page visits, etc. All these actions are nothing but interaction. The bigger the number is, the better is your marketing strategy performing. Exploring ways in which engagement can be increased is a very vital strategy on Facebook or anywhere else too. But one can know whether the level of interaction is increasing or not only if the information is presented to them. These important statistics are given by Facebook Analytics.

Demographics are Impactful

People are engaging with your content which you obviously know, but one must also know who these people are. What similarities do they share? Now this is one more vital part of data that Facebook Analytics can provide you with. Demographics gives information about the characteristics that a particular section of population may have. When the common characteristic is discovered in the people that are engaging with your marketing or even with your services and products, similarities make it very preferable to change and direct your marketing so as to achieve higher results and increase the engagements.

Take an example, you might find that your marketing on Facebook is getting very high rate of interaction from the fathers in Pimpri-Chinchwad area who like to play video games a lot. You had no plans to target this kind of demographic but you know that you have grabbed their interest, so can you can make your marketing to grab more of them, especially if you were looking to increase the sales in Pimpri-Chinchwad area. By researching more about the targeted demographic, you can begin to build an image, by combining the list of characteristics of your top customer and also of those which are desired by your organization and then created marketing strategies to call to in this market.

Rejection can be decisive

Though it may not be suitable, but the negative aspects showed by the Facebook Analytics can be more vital than the positives. User interaction like unliking the like button, report as spam, hide post, etc. are some of the negatives that you should not avoid. If stats like these continue to increase, then you must use the analytics to find out how, when and where it is happening the most so as to understand why that is taking place. If one doesn’t know why so many rejections are happening then he will not be able to overcome this problem.

In seldom cases, it is vital to know the negative stats so as to ascertain that users are viewing your posts. The increase in negative stats may not always be your fault because when Facebook changes its algorithm it can lead to higher negative stats. Hence it vital to pay attention towards Facebook Analytics when such algorithm changes take place, to understand whether positive or negative impact have happened to your marketing.

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