It is said that late night conversation is always the best, it makes you learn a lot about people. While many are streaming online games, some prefer watching shows, where as some have heart to heart love conversation with their loved ones. A similar kind of conversation followed between Twitter and NASA. It was actually a techno love conversation.

Twitter being the desperate one, tagged NASA and wrote, “U up?” The 2:30 am tweet was addressed by NASA with a immediate response “Hey Twitter. What’s UP?” The chat continued between the two as NASA replied to Twitter’s ‘What’s up with you’ with a beautiful picture taken of the earth from the ISS (International Space Station).

The conversation commenced with Twitter asking NASA about the Wi-Fi strength and their favorite snacks in space. And just like a science nerd, NASA replied that their favorite snack is ‘launch meat’ with a space pun. The chat concluded in the cutest way as NASA asked Twitter on a date to watch the new Mars Rover taking off during July 2020.

This conversation was a part of twitters new feature where, the comment button was that NASA and Twitter can have a one on one conversation without any disturbance. This conversation was a part of strategy to create hype by twitter

This is piece of Twitters new feature, where a user can limit the number of people that can reply to their tweets. As part of twitters new product experiment, twitter users will be able to choose who can reply to their posts with three options; everyone, only people you follow and only people you mention. It serves as a way to limit unwanted replies on post-something Twitter attributes to ‘reply guys’.

The new feature currently being trailed among a limited number of users, with plans to expand the roll out. This will be a game changing feature because this will increase the meaningful conversations that the users can interact with, instead of hate speeches, trolls, cyber bullying and what not. Off late many people hate Twitter because most of the conversations are hate speeches or political related.

This is a pathway for a meaning full conversation for which the platform is used to. If a social media platform can control the spam and help in conversations, any social media platform would be successful. Since last year, twitter has been working to give people more control over their conversations starting with the ability to hide replies.

In 2019, the product has degraded to the point, it’s like running through a public square shouting at people, trying to start a dialogue while getting jostled by a crowd. Twitter used to offer users only two core privacy options, you can set your entire profile and tweets to public or private. No one will want to engage in any sort of public discussion on the platform until it recognizes the sheer depth of harassment taking place on Twitter.

They also began trying out new ways to start conversations with casual, fleeting thoughts. For now only a limited group of people globally on twitter for IOS, Android, and can Tweet with these settings, but everyone can see these conversations. Being able to participate and understand what’s happening is the key for useful public conversation.

So basically, it’s an approach by Twitter to give people more opportunities to weigh in, while still giving people control over the conversations they start and making it easier to read all conversations around a Tweet with a new layout for replies and more accessible Retweets with comments. From this update, expectations are set by Twitter that people will be more creative with this update.

This could be the best way for twitter to moderate user’s experience. This would help protect those who are participating in a thoughtful way from harassment, and could offer a less chaotic experience for those who are trying to follow along. With this upgrade, twitter will be a platform for complex discussion. This may not completely solve Twitter’s abuse and harassment issues, but it definitely has the potential to make a notable impact. It’s great  to see how Twitter is making an effort to improve.

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