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6 Guerrilla Marketing Strategies Used by Brands That Will Blow Your Mind

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “guerrilla”? It appears to be quite intense, right? It evokes visions of insurgency and violence. Then comes the word “marketing” suffixed to it. This makes people wonder what will this word actually mean! Will it be associated with aggressive competition or unhealthy competitive strategies? NO! Guerrilla marketing is not an aggressive mode of communication. In reality, it’s a highly unusual or unconventional type of marketing that boosts brand recognition among big audiences without interfering with them directly.

Origin of the term “Guerrilla Marketing”

A marketing consultant, Jay Conrad Levinson invented the phrase “guerrilla marketing” in his book “Guerrilla Advertising” in 1984. He was inspired by guerilla warfare, in which small groups of soldiers used unusual tactics to defeat bigger, better-equipped armies. Similarly, Levinson thought that tiny businesses could outperform larger competitors through innovative marketing methods. Since then, the phrase has evolved to be used widely in the marketing profession to denote creative and unique marketing strategies.

Types of Guerrilla Marketing:

1.Outdoor Guerrilla Marketing: This style of marketing incorporates something new into pre-existing urban landscapes, such as affixing something removable to a statue or displaying temporary artwork on sidewalks and streets.

For eg. Imagine you’re going down the street, minding your own business, when you come upon a statue wearing a weird headgear. That’s guerrilla marketing on the street! It takes something already there in the surroundings and adds a creative twist to it in order to catch your attention.

2. Indoor Guerrilla Marketing: This type occurs indoors in places such as railway stations, shops, and university campus buildings.

For eg. Imagine you’re in a airport, waiting for your flight, when all of a sudden, a bunch of pilots and airline staffs dressed in superhero costumes begins acting out a scene in front of you, and before you know it, they unveil the brand they’re promoting. That’s guerrilla marketing at its finest! It’s all about giving the public an exceptional experience while interacting with the brand.

3. Event Ambush Guerrilla Marketing: This style of marketing uses the audience of an ongoing event, such as a concert or athletic event, to promote a product or service in a prominent fashion, usually without the approval of the event sponsors.

For eg. You’re at a sporting event, you observe a group of individuals handing out free samples of a new energy drink that you’ve never heard of before. That’s guerrilla marketing at an event! It uses the audience of a huge event to promote a product or service in a visible way, usually without the event sponsors’ approval.

4. Experiential Guerrilla Marketing: This is all of the above, but executed in a way that requires the public to interact with the brand. It often involves creating an immersive experience that people will remember and share with others.

For eg. Imagine strolling into a university building and coming upon a massive, interactive art exhibit marketing a new smartphone. That’s guerrilla marketing in action! It is comparable to outdoor guerilla marketing, but it takes place indoors, such as shops, railway stations, and university campus buildings.

Guerrilla Marketing Pros and Cons-

Guerrilla marketing has advantages as it employs an unconventional and original strategy, which makes it more memorable and creates a lasting impact in people’s minds. Unlike standard advertising tactics, guerrilla marketing can be carried out on a shoestring, making it an appealing alternative for small firms and startups. Such initiatives attract the attention of passers-by and inspire them to join by generating dynamic and compelling experiences.
There are plenty of fantastic instances of guerrilla marketing initiatives out there, as well as some epic fails too. One of the disadvantages of guerrilla marketing is Backlash. Guerrilla marketing frequently employs unique and sometimes contentious approaches, there is a danger of offending or alienating potential clients.

None-the-less in right manner you win hearts and gain unsolicited promotions at much cheaper cost!

Are you now ready to be inspired by some of the most creative and successful guerrilla marketing concepts ever? These 6 campaigns demonstrate that thinking outside the box and coming up with something completely unique is the greatest approach to create an impact. But keep in mind that, while imitation is the highest form of flattery, it will not lead to success in guerilla marketing because it demands “uniqueness”! So, take a seat and prepare to be astonished by our top six picks, in no particular order.

1. McDonald’s – Fries That Cross Your Mind
In 2017, McDonald’s used guerrilla marketing to improve their brand in Sydney, Australia. They painted a crosswalk to resemble a package of fries, which drew pedestrian attention and went popular on social media. This innovative strategy raised brand awareness in a fun and engaging way.

McDonald’s – Fries as zebra crossing

2. Jacquemus – Buses Transformed into Stylish Bambino Bags
With a compelling video on their Instagram feed, the fashion company Jacquemus has caused a sensation in the fashion and marketing worlds. The film featured gigantic Jacquemus Le Bambino bags on wheels that were skillfully constructed to look like buses as they travelled through the streets of Paris. These one-of-a-kind cars transported passengers inside, creating a spectacle that drew the attention of passersby. The crammed buses made quite an impression and became a topic of discussion for both fashion and marketing experts.

Bus looking Jacquemus bags

3. Kit Kat – Have A Break, Have A Seat
In Malaysia, Kit Kat used creative marketing to create a bench that resembled their popular chocolate bar. The bench could be broken apart into individual pieces, much like a Kit Kat bar, providing an interactive experience for shoppers. This excellent strategy not only drew passers-by’s attention, but also generated a lasting brand experience. People found this to be a very interesting move by the brand , thus leaving a buzz in the market.

KitKat – Chocolate look-alike bench

4. Faber-Castell – Unleash Your Imagination with Every Stroke
Faber-Castell launched a one-of-a-kind marketing campaign in Singapore to highlight their goods and company values. They painted a girl on the side of a building, with her pencils colouring the sky. This innovative method brought attention not only to the brand’s values of creativity and imagination, but also to the items themselves.

Faber-Castell – A girl painting the sky

6. Gold Toe – A Fashion Statement Even Bulls Can’t Resist!
Gold Toe, a brand specializing in socks and underwear, used humor to promote their products. They placed a statue of a bull wearing their underwear in New York City’s financial district, an unexpected and amusing sight that caught the attention of pedestrians and drew attention to the brand. People started clicking pictures with the bull and posted it on social media platforms and thus gold toe earned some unsolicited promotion.

Gold Toe – Bull wearing underpants

6. Sprite – Refreshment That Will Wash Away Your Worries
To promote their refreshing qualities, Sprite created a shower space on a beach in Brazil designed to look like a giant Sprite bottle. Beachgoers could rinse off the saltwater and sand while associating the brand with refreshment. This creative approach not only caught the attention of beachgoers, but also created a lasting impression and positive brand association.

Sprite – Shower Space near the beach

Each of these successful guerrilla marketing efforts leveraged creativity, distinctiveness, and unexpectedness to create unforgettable experiences that captivated their target audience. These advertisements successfully linked the brand to positive emotions and ideals, resulting in improved brand awareness and consumer loyalty.
You now have the inspiration to take your company to the next level thanks to these six mind-blowing guerrilla marketing methods. Remember that the secret to successful guerrilla marketing is to think outside the box, be innovative, and leave an impression on your audience. So go ahead and let your imagination run wild – the possibilities are endless!

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