COVID 19 – Five Best Video Conferencing App To Look Forward During The Lock Down

OVID 19 it’s an outbreak causing disruptions all around the world, travel restrictions, quarantines and chaos. There is a lot of chaos, and now many people are concerned about going to crowded places and this is affecting everyone, it’s hard to avoid it by now we are in a Pandemic. This probably is affecting most of the companies and its clients; there comes the breakthrough which is called Remote Work, which is taking place right now more than ever in the history of the planet. All of a sudden the blanket is your desk, the bed is your office, and therefore the lounge is your meeting room and that’s when technology really shines. This is the time where video conferencing/calling apps took a whopping gush in the number of users since the COVID 19 outbreak. Now people can have same meetings on video, can work on the same projects and documents without ever having to meet or leave the homes and we can be just as productive. The quest for the best video conferencing apps doesn’t stop, so here is the list of some video conferencing apps that could be used to easy the flow of work.

5 video conferencing apps to have a great work from home experience with more productivity

  1. Lark

Lark is one of the next generation collaboration suit that permits teams to try and do their best work together. to spotlight some of its perks the suite primarily consists of lark messenger, lark docs, lark calendar, lark video conferencing also as lark work place which integrates third party applications. Designed to present the simplest experience of video conferencing by enabling language translation and everything in lark is synced in real time so your current version are always available in your app.

  1. Trello


Trello is one of the visual collaboration tool that makes a shared perspective on any project. It is one of the most highly recommended alternatives. At a glance know who’s doing what, and what needs to get done, and have all the information you need in one collaborative location, which means less email, fewer meetings and more productivity.

  1. Workplace

 Workplace uses simple, no fuss tools to keep people connected while they work from home. Workplace allows you to connect with tools you’re already using, such as office 365, drop box and you can automate your everyday task with bots, while you can also build your own bots and integration, making workplace easier to adapt.

  1. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting offers a number of rich technical settings that other video conferencing apps don’t. These settings can be used by the meeting organizer to conveniently optimize their webcam’s visuals offering top-notch reliable performance. People can also record their meetings in real-time, take notes; mark action items, and share them after the meeting. It is also bundled with user-friendly video conferencing software in one simple kit.

  1. Whereby

Whereby is a flexible video conferencing app in which we can have easy video meetings with no logins, no downloads and no fuss for guest, Video conferencing with screen sharing, custom branding and push to talk feature making it unique from the rest. Any room in a team account can be made XL to hold up to 50 people per call.

 This is definitely the future where I don’t think people need to be going into offices anymore, some personality need to because they need to be overseen, but in the future a lot more people are going to be working from anywhere. Covid has made employers move off from traditional thinking that productivity is contingent upon set hours within an office environment, this is often an incredible thing and it’s becoming the new reality of labor. A growing list of business leaders are adding their weight to functioning from home and more flexible working arrangements, aided by technology and video-conferencing platforms


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