How Social media marketing is useful for business growth

Social media marketing is online marketing through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, tweeter, etc. You can use social media marketing to interact directly with your customers. Social media activities like videos, images, posts, blogs and many more can be used to engage customers.

Social media is a platform where you can create and share some information and content to achieve your business goals.

These are some questions you should ask yourself before implementing social media marketing

  1. What is your goal?
  2. Who are your target customers?

About social media marketing you must be clear about the following aspects:

  1. Which platform is everybody’s favorite and how would I use that?
  2. What content shall I use to target customers with social media marketing?

You should also know:

You can improve your social media marketing plan by following these points mentioned below:

Blog posts

Blog posts attract a targeted audience and create brand awareness. Blogs are also used to give some useful information regarding your company and your services.

You can also create blogs to increase your website traffic since they consume very less amount of time and money. Blogs also help us to create new customers. For example, you want to buy something and you don’t know anything about that thing, so you can get relevant information about it by reading a blog. You would find ample amounts of blogs which can give the pros and cons of that product.

Sometimes blogs can help you convert your website into an engaging platform, because in your free time if you feel like reading something interesting you may read a blog.

Repurposing and re-sharing relevant content

You don’t have to create new content every day. You just need to share your old valuable content so that it reaches more people.

You need to focus on good quality content, different kind of formats, and huge online distribution.

For re-sharing your content, you need to segment your audience by their interest. For an e-commerce website if someone is interested in sports wears and another in ethnic wear, at that time you need to send some content as per their interest individually.

Infographics are the most interesting way to attract customers in an efficient manner. People like to read something which is more creative and engaging.

If you found some uniqueness in your content even after a couple of days or after some month, you can re-post that revised content.

 Encourage customer feedback

Be in contact with your customers by replying back to their comments or feedbacks. Identify what your customers want and modify your content according to their feedbacks. It will improve your brand image in front of your customers.

Feedback will help you to improve your products or services. If you want to buy a car, it’s a review that you check before making a purchase. Negative comments are also posted in the feedbacks. You must keep those points in mind and then improve them from next time

For obtaining feedback from customers, the most common way is to give incentives like some awards and offers for further service.

Use image editing tools

Images are most important for your brand image. But creating images that have relevant content takes more time. So you can use free tools available online to create attractive images.

These are some of the free tools that you can find online:

  • Canva
  • PicMoney
  • PicTapGo
  • Snapseed

Visual messages like quotes and facts related to your product or services are the best way to engage customers. So to create your own images you can use Canva.

These tools are very useful since they let you customize the images according to the current trends.

As compared to simple text messages, you should prefer images with some text and visual messages to give some information to the visitors.

Share your work and presentations with slide share

You can always share valuable content like presentations or articles of your company on platforms like SlideShare so that they get more and more exposure.

It’s suggested to engage with the customers and share your presentations through an online platform as it is a better way to improve your brand image.

Now let us understand the importance of social media platforms.

How to choose a social media platform for marketing?


Facebook is a place where people relax and chat with their friends. So you should keep your tone simple and friendly. Generally, the audience is interested in message bounded images, so use image marketing with relevant and useful content on Facebook.


In Twitter you have to follow some pages related to your business, after following these pages, you will get some followers in return. So by using twitter you can make more and more followers and maintain your brand image internationally or nationally. You can also use hashtags so you are on Twitter’s trending list.


LinkedIn is a platform where you can connect with professionals of your industry. It’s also nice to post some information about your work and also when you are hiring employees.

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